Dr. Jennifer Grushon is a licensed Naturopathic Doctor in Washington, California, & New Hampshire, and is offering telehealth services to patients located in those states.
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Dr. Grushon

Dr. Grushon has a focus on treating complex chronic illness, with a special focus on Lyme & Co-infections, and Mold & Mycotoxin Illness. Many of her patients see her after experiencing unexplained symptoms for many years and seeing 20+ physicians prior. She excels at working with sensitive types, yet is also well-trained in the more assertive treatments. She strives to provide a safe, empathetic place for her patients to heal within; a place where they feel heard, believed, and supported, while receiving expert tailored medical care.
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"I really can't speak more highly of Dr. Grushon. She's helped me immensely over the last 2 years. After a decade of chronic illness culminated in my being unable to function or work she's been an integral part of my recovery and healing. I look forward to continuing to recover and heal under her care."


"I had been sick for over 15 years and had been to every specialist imaginable, none of whom had any answers. I eventually became bedridden and was continuing to decline. My prayers were answered when I found Dr. Grushon. During my first appointment, I immediately felt comfortable with Dr. Grushon and felt in my gut that she was going to help me. Within just a few days of being treated by her, I took my first steps.  I have continued to improve since then. Dr. Grushon is the most compassionate doctor I’ve ever met. She truly cares about her patients. She is extremely patient as she listens to all my symptoms and answers all my questions.   It is not an exaggeration to say that Dr. Grushon saved my life.  After seeing how Dr. Grushon helped me, my parents began seeing her. Although they were in relatively good health, Dr. Grushon has helped clear up some symptoms and conditions that my parents’ other doctors told them were not treatable. My entire family has complete confidence in Dr. Grushon."


"Being under the care of Dr Grushon these past few years has been the greatest experience I’ve had when it comes to the care of medical professionals. I never once felt I wasn’t being heard or not taken seriously. She’s someone who looks at your case as an intriguing puzzle to solve, leaving no figurative stone unturned.  At 24 years old I can feel my quality of life slowly becoming the best it’s ever been. Thanks to her help I not only have a healthier body but a better understanding of the intricate way it operates. I owe so much gratitude to this amazing woman who has walked me through the toughest years of my life with kindness and understanding."


"I brought my daughter to see Dr. Grushon in 2017.  We had been searching for answers for many years prior and had seen specialist after specialist to no avail. We were all exhausted and at that point not sure if my daughter would live or die. I truly believe Dr. Grushon saved my daughters life. She is an amazing doctor. My husband and myself also became patients and as a family we are all finally in a place of good health. This is 100% to Dr. Grushons credit. She is extremely efficient, intuitive, effective, kind and most of all safe. It feels so good to finally have a doctor that truly listens. I have complete trust in her and she has held my family in the absolute most safe and secure way. We all look forward to continued good health under the care of Dr. Grushon."



"Dr Grushon has been endlessly supportive and wonderful to work with. Her attention to detail and close eye on on my sensitivities make me feel cared for but also hopeful that I will be able to make progress towards my goals. So far, all of her recommendations have worked well for me which is a first! I have seen over 35 doctors and not been able to make the progress I have in such a short amount of time as I have with her! I'm sincerely grateful."


I found Dr. Grushon after 20 years of struggling for a diagnosis and 5 years of working with the 'best of the best' for treating chronic infectious conditions. I had hit a wall in treatment and was spiraling, and pure luck (or a 'helping hand') led me to her office. From day one, I knew I'd found an extremely intuitive and sensitive healer. Though it did take me a few months to really trust the process, which was different than anything I'd ever experienced in the past, I can honestly say that I now have complete faith in a full recovery in my future. Nothing about this type of illness is simple or easy, but since I started working with Dr. Grushon, I've experienced a deeper, more profound type of healing, that I believe is actually getting to the root of my illness and resolving it, as opposed to suppressing symptoms. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Dr. Grushon to anyone I loved who was dealing with any sort of mystery/chronic illness.


I have been seeing Dr. Grushon for several years. I have found her to be very knowledgeable and caring and extremely helpful in treating my unique issues. I appreciate the convenience of having virtual appointments which seem to be effective in diagnosis and treatment. She is easy to talk to and a good listener. She takes the time to hear about all my symptoms and concerns and answer any questions. I never feel rushed during appointments. She is open minded and willing to try new approaches as needed. She doesn’t just treat symptoms but seeks out the cause. After appointments following up with additional questions is very easy via her website, and she has been very quick to respond. I would recommend Dr. Grushon to anyone who is looking for more natural treatments or who has not had success with diagnoses or treatments from traditional practitioners.



Healing from Lyme disease seemed kind of hopeless and like a financial ruin until I met Dr. Grushon. Immediately we knew we picked the right doctor for me, that was over 2 years ago. I have made great strides in my healing under her care. The technique she uses to help narrow down an effective treatment plan is like no other. Lyme and co-infections are so complicated, and she is able to treat in a way that is treating what needs to be treated at that time, then move to the next layer. She is an excellent doctor and offers excellent care.


Dr. Grushon has been instrumental in helping me through my journey with Lyme Disease and co-infections. I was fortunate to find her 4 years ago after battling Lyme for 6 years prior. She has tremendous amount of knowledge and good intuitive skills in treating complicated health issues. I have spent a great amount of time and money over the years trying to get on a better health pathway. I can say without a doubt, my health has steadily improved since I have been under her care. Her expertise in ART(autonomic response testing) and herbs far exceeds any other provider I have seen. Every time I see her she is able to sort out what my primary issue is and what herbs or supplements I need to improve my current state. Lyme is a complicated condition - I like that she treats the whole body both physical and emotional. I am forever grateful that I found her and that she is part of my healing journey.

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